Frequently Asked Questions

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the art and science of optimizing a webpage or other online publication so that it has the greatest chance of being found and indexed by search engines.  There are certain design elements, attributes and other things that search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo look for when they crawl the web.  By optimizing your websites, social media pages, articles, blogs, etc. with keywords or key phrases that your potential customers use when searching, you set your online media up for maximum ranking in the search results.

What is social media marketing (SMM)?

SMM encompasses a wide range of topics.  You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites to promote your business, post useful and relevant information, create links to other websites, engage with your customers and even advertise.  97 % of people use the internet on their computers and smart devices to research products and services, and they spend a good deal of this time sharing what they find with others on social sites.  With the proper application of SMM, a business can see tremendous results, both directly through customer interaction and indirectly in search rankings.

What is link building and why is it so important?

Link building is simple.  It’s the act of placing a link to your website or other online content on someone else’s website or other online content.  The link should contain not only the URL to your content, but a good and well-written anchor (the text that you actually click on).  The reason that doing this is so vital to your moving onto page 1 in searches is that the search engines rank websites with authority.  When they see your website at the center of a growing web of links, and even other sites that link to the sites that link to you, your website is considered to have informational authority and is given preference in the search results.  The thing to remember about Google and other search engines is that their one and only job is providing the searcher with the best information to answer their search.  Building back links properly, the way Google likes to see it done, is arguably the most important factor in your ranking on page 1.

Is your money back guarantee real?

Yes indeed.  Because this work requires actual time in front of a computer, if after 60 days you don’t appear on page 1 of Google with the keywords or key phrases we agree upon, we’ll refund 100% of the labor costs.  The only thing that would not be refunded is anything we spent on your behalf, such as purchasing ads, or links or other expenses.

How many links do I need?

That depends on the keywords you want to rank for and how much competition you already have.  Think of getting on page 1 as a game of King of the Mountain.  You’re trying to push the top website off, or at least one of the top 10.  Part of what we do is an analysis to determine what we need to do to get you there.

How quickly should I expect to see results?

We use a 60 day minimum rule of thumb because it often takes 2 to 3 months in order to really see your site move into the top 10.  However, in some cases, with a combined efforts of SEO and SMM and back linking, you may see substantial traffic increases within a week or two.  However, we don’t promise this, and if anyone does, beware.  There are a lot of unscrupulous SEO companies out there that make outrageous claims they can’t back up.  Even Google, in many articles warns against this.

Do you offer packages of links?

No, all of the back links we create for you are done by hand.  This is the natural way, and the way that Google responds to.  If your website suddenly has 100 or 500 links pointing to it in a very short time, the search algorithms will pick up on this and you can actually be penalized for it.  In order for our service to work for you, it must be done over a reasonable timeframe and in a way that looks natural.

What are the packages on the homepage?

These packages are for our customers that can’t afford the full SEO plan or customers that want to try our service first. These packages also containing links that are built by hand. Duration varies from 1 week till 8 weeks. We work full time based on 40 hours per week on these links. The backlinks are all of the highest quality.

Do you make websites?

We are also designing new website designs to get your website rank better in search engines. We make your old looking website to a newly fresh looking website together with social media integration. We only deliver new website designs with a customized SEO plan or one of our SEO packages.