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Google Panda 4.1 Update: Something to Look Forward to

Have you heard of the 27th update Google Panda? It has been officially released and the first rollout was done during the first week of its release and then the next until the update has been officially completed. According to the makers, it has designed to give chances to medium-sized sites to experience better rankings through releasing few more signals for the low-quality contents to be more specific and spotted by Panda. It gives more opportunity to rank high—which is dream come true to the others.

Before digging in to its real effect on sites that is the most important thing that people would want to know about it; let´s first understand this new update. It´s called Panda 4 because the last one was Panda 4.0 and you know what’s next and since there is nothing much changed, it can be the 4.1 of Panda update. Since February 2011, Panda has been releasing updates called Panda Update 1 (known as Panda 1.0) and up until now, it has successfully released its 27th Panda Update (Panda Update 4.1) that is expected to affect 3% to 5% of queries. Panda Update 4.0 was released May of 214 and then the Panda 4.1 four months after. If you want a list of its previous updates, here they are:

February 24, 2011- Panda Update 1 (Panda 1.0 for 11.8% queries)
April 11, 2011- Panda Update 2 (Panda Update 2.0 for 2% queries)
May 10, 2011- Panda Update 3
June 16, 2011- Panda Update 4
July 23, 2011- Panda Update 5
Aug. 12, 2011- Panda Update 6 (for 6% to 9% queries)
Sept. 28, 2011- Panda Update 7
Oct. 19, 2011- Panda Update 8 (Panda 3.0 for 2% queries)
Nov. 18, 2011- Panda Update 9 (for less than 1% queries)
Jan. 18, 2012- Panda Update 10
Feb. 27, 2012- Panda Update 11
March 23, 2012- Panda Update 12 (for 1.6% queries)
April 19, 2012- Panda Update 13
April 27, 2012- Panda Update 14
June 9, 2012- Panda Update 15 (for 1% queries)
June 25, 2012- Panda Update 16 (for 1% queries)
July 24, 2012- Panda Update 17 (for 1% queries)
Aug. 20, 2012-Panda Update 18 (for 1% queries)
Sept. 18, 2012- Panda Update 19 (for 0.7% queries)
Sept. 27, 2012- Panda Update 20 (for 2.4% queries)
Nov. 5, 2012- Panda Update 21 (for 1.1% queries)
Nov. 21, 2012- Panda Update 22 (for 0.8% queries)
Dec. 21, 2012 – Panda Update 23 (for 1.3% queries)
Jan. 22, 2013- Panda Update 24 (for 1.2% queries)
March 15, 2013 – Panda Update 25
May 20, 2014- Panda Update 26 (Panda 4.0 for 7.5% queries)
Latest-Sept. 25, 2014- Panda Update 27 (Panda 4.1 for 3% to 5% queries)

So, what is it really—a blessing or a curse?

Well, the obvious answer for some is it being a blessing but those who thinks this update delivers new disadvantages, things are definitely different.

For those who were affected by Panda´s right alterations, good news! Expect quite addition to the traffic of those sites if the Panda alterations done on your sites were good enough to bring you advantages. But unfortunately, those sites that weren´t touched by Panda might experience some relative drop to their usual traffic.

And since these updates have been released, site owners need to improvise ways on how to make these updates give them good results. So far, many people have been hanging on to every updates Panda announces to make sure that they indeed come up with the best results they could ever produce because by doing so, these updates can actually be a really great help with attracting good levels of traffic to sites. And to know about building strategies that could make this Panda Update a total blessing, here are some of the important link building strategies you can count on to.

Get the Hang of Google Panda Ranking Criteria

Knowledge about this can totally give you great advantage with these ongoing updates with Google Panda. If you do know how it works and understand it very well, chances are, every update can give you increasing number of traffic. These criteria can give you amazing opportunity to be obedient and stay on the right side of things with Google Panda.

Birds with the Same Feather

Yes, they do flock together. Same thing goes with websites and their relevance to one another. It is very important to create chain effect between sites with relevance with each other. In this way, you can increase your traffic one way or another.

Be a Divergent

It is really important to be good in most ways that could apply best results concerning Google Panda. It could be a great advantage if you can guest post to established authors, write contents with high quality to make everyone appreciate your skills and opt for your sites all the time and engage in forums to gather information that you can get and use.

Keywords Are Indeed the Keys

Know your way to better keywords with your contents. It´s important that you can utilize them to make sure that you get the right flow to your sites. Using phrases keywords is a great way to cover up all possibilities with the reader’s search.

Be Unique

Copying other’s way can totally hurt you with Google Panda. Make sure that you build your own with strategies others do not use on theirs. Focus on your own niche and avoid black-hat or ways that Google considered as flagged. Being unique is the best way to please Google Panda.

You can make the most out of these updates and changes. Instead of whining over the old ways you can no longer use, maximize all your options and increase your diversity on almost everything you can use with Google Panda. Nothing is absolutely wrong with all these changes—they only get to show that things can change for the better and you have the right to experience it too.

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