White Hat Linkbuilding – Some Effective Techniques

In simple terms, White Hat linkbuilding includes some effective, long term and ethical techniques that webmasters use to get high search engine rankings through linkbuilding. As the name suggests, these techniques are ethical and appreciated by search engines like Google. On the other hand, some webmasters find shortcuts and use Black Hat SEO techniques. Usually, Black Hat techniques include the following characteristics :

  • Black Hat techniques break basic search engine regulations.
  • They provide bad user experience.
  • Black Hat techniques present a website’s content to search engine users and spiders in an unethical visual or non-visual way.
  • They use software programs to build links to the website

Why Should You Not Use Black Hat Linkbuilding?

Until a few years ago, Black Hat techniques used to be legitimate and beneficial for search engine users. However, a few webmasters decided to go overboard and as a result, Black Hat techniques are frowned upon by the SEO community now. When it comes to search engine rankings, such practices can only offer short-term gains. But if major search engines like Google catch you with these practices, it could completely destroy your business.

Websites using Black Hat techniques are also penalized and may get banned. Black Hat techniques are only a short-term solution to your long-term problems. The only way to generate more traffic in the long run is by creating a website which offers better content and user experience.

An Overview of White Hat Linkbuilding

When it comes to linkbuilding, the importance of high quality backlinks can not be overlooked. In order to generate more traffic on the website and increase your conversion rate, you need high quality backlinks. Only the best backlink service can provide such results. Instead of using cheap and low quality backlinks, you need to focus on backlinks from authority websites, renowned marketers and other effective channels. This can only be achieved manually.

If you have hired the best backlink service to optimize your website, you should ask them to use White Hat techniques. In recent years, Google has been very strict about enforcing its rules and regulations. Thus, it has begun to penalize and ban websites which infringe its code of ethics.

White Hat techniques abide by all the rules Google sets for search engine optimization. While optimizing your website, you should use ethical or White Hat SEO techniques. This will make sure your website complies with Google’s law. This will generate long term benefits. Here are some effective White Hat linkbuilding techniques.

Quality Content – While implementing search engine optimization techniques, you may have come across the phrase, ��Content is King’. It is absolutely true. There is nothing more valuable than optimizing your website with original and relevant content. Search engines always aim to serve users. If they think your website is going to help users, it will definitely have better search engine rankings. Similarly, your content should be linked to other high quality content.

Strong Content Marketing Plan – This is one of the oldest and most effective search engine optimization techniques. However, Google’s rules and regulations about content marketing have changed a lot. These days, you need to create original, relevant and informational content. It is important to have a strong content marketing plan. Your content should be interesting and shared all over social media.

Start Using Social Media – In modern times, social media is the best way to get higher search engine rankings and generate more traffic. In order to build high quality links, you need to use social bookmarking buttons. More followers and fans will get you free and targeted customers. It is very important to have good presence on social networking websites. Your campaign should also include blogging, guest blogging and other ethical SEO practices.

Integrate Linkbuilding into Service Offering – The most important step you can take to build high quality links is to integrate link building into your service offering. Many web designers include back links in footers of all the sites they design. Similarly, hosting companies give free templates in exchange for a link on the website. A lot of businesses integrate quality back links in their service offerings. It can be the best way to build high quality links.

In order to succeed, you need a steady and balanced approach to all the White Hat linkbuilding techniques. White Hat search engine optimization requires you to work hard and implement sound strategies. But you eventually get long-term positive results.

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